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With over 20 years experience speaking and presenting, Russell will inform, entertain and motivate your team, group or conference audience. Born in Barbados, Russell developed a passion for sailing at the age of 9 and went on to become a national champion. He joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) after university, becoming a chartered accountant 3 years later.

In 2005 he moved to Southampton, England to pursue an Olympic campaign in the sport of sailing. During his career as an accountant, in Barbados and the UK, Russell worked with some of the largest organisations in the world, as well as smaller corporates and sole traders.

Now he works with small and medium-sized businesses that have little to no money to spend on marketing, helping them to transform sales and profits with strategies that most small businesses aren't using.

Russell is the author of "Your Best Year In Business: 5 Steps To Taking Back Control of Your Business and Creating Your Dream Lifestyle AND How To Get Started In The Next 30 Days!".

Redefining Success

How one organisation went from also-ran status to world domination by making improvements in many different areas. 

Christmas in Barbados

It may seem strange spending Christmas in a hot country, rather than wrapped up against the cold, drinking mulled wine, but Barbados has many traditions of its own - and some are not that much different to the British.


I'd just like to say a very big Thank You to Russell Streeter for his presentation this morning. His thoughts on leadership were underpinned by some powerful stories from the sporting world that illustrated the points he made in a very thought provoking, powerful and inspiring way. For those of you that haven't heard Russell speak before, I know him through Toastmasters, as well as through networking, and his skills as a story teller offer a first class example of 'presenting at its best'. If you missed this one, make sure that you catch him next time. Thanks, again, Russell.

Steve Bimpson
Steve Bimpson Just Think BIG

Russell is an inspiring business mentor with an aptitude for understanding clients which makes him stand out from other mentors. He draws on topical examples to highlight key points making things come to life.His matter of fact approach encourages you to think things through and my business has benefited immensely from our time together.

Rob Briggs
Rob Briggs Crimson Crab

Russell breathes fresh air and ideas into business development. He talks in plain language and doesn’t over complicate the issue. He has a great ability at seeing the problems and has inspired me to try new methods and they are definitely paying off. His influence has helped us achieve 30% growth during our last year and I would highly recommended him.

Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner Diverse Cleaning

A very inspiring talk on leadership at Toastmasters last night from Russell Streeter. I'm not a sports fan but have found inspiration before in books like "Moneyball" and "Legacy" (about how the NZ All Blacks team became invincible). Their stories can be translated to all walks of life.
Also found the 20 mins flew by with the enthusiasm and presentation of the speech. Something to aspire to!

Daniel Smith Solent Speakers Club

The members of Boarhunt W.I. are unanimous in their sincere thanks for your talk today. We appreciated the amount of research you had done to make your talk entertaining, enlightening and interesting. You really were like a breath of fresh air, thank you. We all look forward very much to listening to you again in the future hopefully.

Mary Dossett Boarhunt WI


Inspiring keynotes (K), seminars (S) and workshops (W) on topics such as business and personal development, finance, productivity, sport and travel.

  • Everything You've Ever Heard About Generating Leads For Your Business Is WRONG!

    In this interactive and motivational seminar I’ll show you the top lead generation mistakes small business make…and how to overcome them all!

    You will learn how to generate all the leads your business can handle, develop a marketing strategy that delivers those leads on auto-pilot (without any hard work on your part) and earn £5,000 to £10,000 in additional revenue in the next 90 days.


  • From Startup to Scale Up

    Learn how to double the size of your company in 12 months or less, systemise it for more efficient and reliable operations and avoid or prepare for challenges that plague high-growth businesses.


  • Business Lessons from Sport

    Drawing on his experience campaigning for the 2008 Olympics, Russell explores what makes elite athletes and teams successful – and the lessons we can learn for business leadership and building high performing teams.


  • The World is Yours

    In this inspiring and motivational speech, Russell talks about what he wished the keynote speaker had said at his graduation. (K)

  • Got Something to Say?

    Words have power, whether you want to information, entertain or motivate. Russell is convinced that anyone can speak with confidence – and he wants to show you how. (K,S,W)

  • Finding Your Tribe

    How to find your ideal customers and create raving fans. (S)

  • 5 Simple Steps to Creating an Unforgettable USP

    How to create the marketing message that will have them beating a path to your door. (S)

  • Boosting Revenue Through Feedback Systems

    How to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.(S)

  • Business Growth on the Cheap

    How to boost revenue and profits by leveraging existing customer relationships. (S)

Keynote speeches can vary from 30-90 minutes in length, depending on the client's requirements. Seminars are 1-3 hours long and are more interactive. Workshops last for 0.5 to 2 days or more and involve audience participation, practical exercises and sometimes break away sessions.


Russell is an internationally published author of several books on business and travel.